15 Lovely Belarusian Words You Need In Your Language

The Belarusian language is sweet and melodious even though you can’t hear Belarusian words on streets very often. Let’s fix this! 

Here are 15 words that will cater for different life situations. Why not learn them and surprise your Belarusian friends?

1. Fajna means cool, topnotch and super-duper!

When a friend asks you to a cool night out in Minsk or Grodno, you respond “Fajna!”

2. Samota is a feeling of sadness, melancholy, vague anxiety. It also means a pleasant but poignant longing for something important and intimate.

Remember Lana’s “summertime sadness”? That’s samota 100%.

3. Zahaplennie is when you feel fascinated and charmed by something or someone – an impressive landscape or your favourite actor or actress.

4. Piaščota is the word used to describe tenderness, limitless delicacy, mother’s care and a sense of light and warmth.

The adjective from it would be piaščotny.

5. Trymciennie stands for awe, a pleasant or a disturbing tremor.

The word is often used in the sense of leaves’ trembling.

6. Mroja means airy dreams and pleasant fantasies, or daydreaming.

Which is useful and so pleasant sometimes!

7. Impet is what comes when you’re eager to turn your ‘mroja’ into reality.

The word means assertiveness, commitment and driving force, motivation and creative energy discharge similar to inspiration.

8. Hareza stands for madcap, prankster or hellion.

Do you have a friend who is always ruining your perfect photos and falling into risky situations? Well, congrats, there’s a ‘hareza’ in your company!

9. Kali laska is a Belarusian version of ‘you are welcome but said in a tender and ‘piaščotny’ way.

Try pronouncing this beautiful phrase!

10. “Znichka” or “znička” means a falling star.

And you can see many of those during a hot summer night in Belarus!

11. Dziakuj! is how we say ‘Thank you!’ in Belarusian.

Certainly, a helpful word to know.

12. Asaloda is used to describe the special sweetness and charm of the moment or luxury of getting pleasure from life.

Sort of dolce vita!

13. Pamiarkounaść is a trait of character meaning towardness, tractability and tolerance.

The word describes Belarusians perfectly!

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14. Ščymliva is an adverb that means сausing a feeling of heartache that can be pleasant and aching at the same time.

For example, many tourists feel so when leaving Belarus.

15. Kachannie is very easy to explain. Cause it’s the best feeling in the world!

Text by Nadzeya Prasvirava for BelarusFeed.

Video by TUT.BY.