10+ Things Belarusians Are Truly Proud Of Revealed

Belarus is not a perfect country. Like any other nation we have something to be ashamed of but there are still more things to be proud of!

BelarusFeed jointly with TUT.BY polled ordinary Belarusians on the streets of Minsk to compile a list of things that make us feel proud to live in this unique country.

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Belarusian athletes

“Darya Domracheva and Victoria Azarenka!”

Our president

“Our president who made Belarus independent.”

Dairy products

Cars and tractors


“The Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre is something extraordinary!

Maksim Gorky Theather and Yanka Kupala National Academic Theatre.”

Fabrics and knitwear


“Vladimir Korotkevich is classics, Bykov, Vasil Bykov is one love.”

Hosiery and women’s clothing

“As any woman I often buy “Conte” products: tights and socks. And I’m basically satisfied with their quality

Also, Mark Formelle (underwear and knitwear clothes) and Elema (women’s clothing).”


“Wonderful nature: our lakes, forests and rivers. Our countryside guest houses are thriving now.”

Minsk and regional cities


“The Independence Square. Look how beautiful it is. I just walk and admire I like our Pedagogical University and BSU.”

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By the way, Belarusian State University (BSU) become the first university included in the prestigious Best Global Universities ranking.

IT-country initiative

“Everything that concerns Belarus’ success as IT-country seems to be true. Viber, Wargaming, World of Tanks.”

Freedom and army

“The guarantee of freedom. You shouldn’t worry about terrorist attacks, as they do in other countries. We can be proud that our army can protect us.”


“I’m proud of the old times and historic events. The times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the Battle of Orsha, the Battle of Blue Waters.”

Household appliances

“Atlant (a manufacturer of household appliances), our TVs, dairy products. Quite a lot of things to be proud of actually.”


“Peace and quite. People have a good life here. Their needs are fully provided in Belarus.”

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